Consent to Homeopathic Treatment

  • Consent to Homeopathic Treatment

    Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances prepared generally to be non-toxic. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the manufacture and sale of homeopathic medicines. In most cases, they are prescribed in minute doses thought to make homeopathy safer for most people, including infants, children, pregnant and nursing women, and the elderly.

    What are the Risks of Homeopathic Treatment:
    • Initial aggravation (worsening): It is possible for patients treated with homeopathic medicines to have an initial aggravation of their current symptoms followed by improvement. Usually this worsening is mild, and short lived, lasting from an hour to a few days. If any worsening occurs, please call your practitioner immediately.

    • Late aggravation (worsening): It is possible when taking regular repeated doses of homeopathic medicine that symptoms may take a turn for the worse when a change is needed in the potency (dilution) of the medicine. If you notice any worsening of your condition, please call your practitioner immediately.

    • Negative reaction: A small percentage of people are sensitive to homeopathic medicines and can react strongly to these medicines. In these rare cases, symptoms may change, and your condition either may not change or may worsen, which may require that the homeopathic treatment be discontinued.

    • No change, Incorrect remedy: When an incorrect homeopathic medicine is prescribed the most common result is that nothing changes. If you are suffering from a disease that is progressing, that means the disease will continue to progress. This can be dangerous in rapidly, or dangerously progressive illnesses. Because of this real possibility, homeopathic treatment alone may not be the correct choice for you at this time. If you notice worsening of your condition, please contact your practitioner immediately.

    • Return of old, perhaps forgotten, symptoms: Sometimes conditions that you thought were long gone can flare up as part of the healing process stimulated by the homeopathic medicine.
      For example: you might have a flare up of an eczema like skin rash that you had previously. A return of old symptoms may be a good sign. You should call your practitioner to report any change in your symptoms.

    Alternatives to Homeopathic Treatment:
    • Although homeopathic medicine is part of the standard of care within Naturopathic Medicine, it is not considered an acceptable treatment for any medical condition by conventional medicine.
    • There may be reasonable alternatives to Homeopathic treatment, both within naturopathy, and within conventional medical care.
    • I have discussed these alternatives with my naturopathic physician (ND) or with my conventional medical doctor (MD).
    • I understand the above risks of homeopathic treatment and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.
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