Our Mission

To provide excellence in Men’s Health and Vitality.

Making life worth  living to the fullest, naturally.


“Coming to AMP and being a patient of Dr. Watters has been such a positive in my life. Dr. Watters’ treatment and advice is second to none. He is extremely knowledgeable in many areas and he actually listens to what you have to say as a patient. Dr. Watters treats both me and my wife and he has helped us both tremendously. The staff and atmosphere at AMP are wonderful. I travel from the west valley to AMP and have never had regrets. Thanks for everything AMP!!”

Chris L.

“Amazing doctor backed by an incredible staff that actually care . He has helped put my life back in order both physically and emotionally. I drive over 50 miles one way to see this doctor and would not consider seeing any other doc as long as Dr. Watters is open for business. When coming to this facility, you’re not a number, you’re a human being treated by people who genuinely care.”

Paul A.

“This is the most honest doctor I’ve seen. I’m a very competitive athletic 45yr old man whose testosterone was down to very low levels around 360. Plus suffering from low vitamin D. He spent time answering all my questions without making me feel rushed. We work through a game plan of how we’re going to increase my low levels of testosterone and vitamin D and thus far I’ve been extremely happy with the results.”

Jamie H.

“I highly recommend anyone who has been frustrated with their doctors and clinics check out Dr. Watters and the Men’s Clinic. Having tried many doctors and clinics and have heard the usually stuff you can read about online, I finally have had incredible success at the Men’s clinic. The people are authentic, personable, direct and don’t fill you with a bunch of medical BS when talking to you. They net it out and their results speak for themselves. I’ve never been healthier, feel better and have lost 30 lbs on their weight program. It works! You won’t be disappointed.”

Michael C

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